Business Sector - Managing change

Without the proper techniques to manage it, change can be hard to cope with and even frightening if people feel it is being thrust upon them. Yet, to achieve success, businesses need to constantly evolve in order to keep up with the world and outpace competitors.

Personal attribute - Welcoming change

Managing Change

This can be a real conundrum to business owners and managers. We know that the business needs to change in order to keep pace with the world and, if possible, advance against its competition. But change can be a scary thing to the people in the business – those same people who are vital to both the change succeeding and the business’s bright future!

New findings in neuroscience reveal different ways of helping people cope with change and overcome their inhibitions about doing things differently. This new research underpins the methods this module teaches, whilst at the same time drawing on the enduring ideas to be found in classic change management

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