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It’s often said that businesses never plan to fail – but they certainly do fail to plan… Setting objectives, reviewing them and adjusting actions accordingly are vital for forward progress.

Personal attribute – How your programming drives your goals

Planning for success

Planning for success may seem quite a straightforward process. Set objectives and take action accordingly, reviewing and adjusting as you go.

But experience shows that it’s frequently not as plain sailing as that little formula implies. And the reason for that is often down to a surprising fact: unconscious belief patterns that invisibly influence how we feel and think may actually be getting in the way of us achieving what we want.

Deep-seated beliefs, to which we’re often blind and deaf, can cause us to sabotage ourselves. For example, deep down, we might feel we don’t deserve success, or that, if we do succeed, we’ll only lose what we’ve gained.

Invisible beliefs like these can seriously scupper our attempts at achieving our aims before we even start. The antidote to them is to develop awareness of these subterranean trip wires and then change them.

That’s what this module focuses on. It is specifically designed to help you uncover and change those hidden beliefs which impede your progress, to help you come up with your own definition of success and to help you achieve your success, your way.

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