Neale Horizons Workshops - putting the personal back into business

In Neale Horizon’s workshops we explore a different perspective on business development and mentoring, designed to invigorate your strategy for greater business growth. Discover how being in touch with your personal aspirations, attitudes and behaviours can have a positive effect on your bottom line.

Innovative ways to greater business success.


Women in Business - The Authentic Confident Business Woman

For opportunities to network, enhance your performance & believe in yourself.

Special Guest Speaker - Christa MacKinnon
Christa is the founder of her training organisation ‘Bridging the Worlds’ and the co-founder of ‘Women Weaving Change’, a platform for women involved in projects, businesses and movements working towards the much needed change in our societies.

Hosted by: Jeanette Neale, Jenny Thomas and Cathy Towers.

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The Chilled Entrepreneur Workshop 1 - Managing & Improving Cashflow

Theo Papahitis famously is quoted as saying: “lack of cash is like a heart attack for a business”

Learn how to take control of the cash inyour business;

Learn how to plan ahead, identify and manage shortfalls;

Learn techniques for debt management;

Learn how to reduce the pressure of working out figures;

Explore your motivations and attitudes towards money;

Free up your mind to work on your business;

£60 per workshop (discounted if booking two CHILLED ENTREPRENEUR WORKSHOPS discounted to £50)

If any of the above benefits would be of interest to you contact Jeanette email: or call 01823 299190


The Chilled Entrepreneur Workshop 2 - Time Management

“There is so much to do.  There is so little time. We must go slowly!” Taoist Saying

Learn how to take control of your time;

Understand procrastination and learn techniques to reduce it;

Learn how to prioritise and be time efficient;

Learn how time can be viewed from a different perspective;

Learn how to create and manage your time landscape;

Identify your time thieves.

£60 per workshop (discounted if booking two CHILLED ENTREPRENEUR WORKSHOPS to £50)

If any of the above benefits would be of interest to you contact Jeanette email: or call 01823 299190


Quantum Business Breaks

No need to pack a suitcase, just find a hour and come to us.  Our Quantum Business Breaks provide a space where people, minds and innovative thinking come together to find new ways to look at business, and the great thing is – you only have to find an hour in the day to take part!

Be more successful in your work by improving your focus, energy levels, sleep, productivity, lowering stress levels, improving communication skills, creativity and be better at problem solving - by giving yourself real space to think.

Quantum Business Breaks from Neale are SHORT – FOCUSED – INNOVATIVE

Tuesday mornings 7.45am to 8.30am or Thursday lunchtimes 12.15pm to 1pm, starting 19th April.  Cost £10 including VAT.

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Book and find out more contact Jeanette on 01823 299190 or

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