Every Idea Counts

Every Idea Counts

You can’t take you out of your business. The two are inextricably linked. Straddling the personal and the impersonal in your business is an ongoing story. Add that to the fast paced market, the problems of running the show, and voila, you have the inevitable stress factor as an added business accessory. The challenge of today’s business owner is to leave this old story behind. To step away from apparent safety, into the relative unknown, because as the song says, ‘the times they are a changing.’

The old practices in business, such as the carrot and stick reward system, now appear like an old movie with scratches and cracks. They no longer work and a serious upgrade is required, to motivate and inspire business owners.

Well, the upgrade is here. Applications for how businesses could be run and indeed are being run, are already in use. Quantum physics, neuroscience, and Leadership studies that don’t have a top down dynamic, as well as consciousness studies and well-being strategies, are leading the way in new practices. Business is on the verge of an evolution.

Now, as the owner of your business, instead of the proverbial cog in a wheel, you get to play all the parts in each department at the same time. This is where your tinsel can get in a tangle. Thrust upon the business stage, your wisdom, your skills and experience (as well as what you don’t know) count. It’s you in charge whatever happens. As you look around, everyone else is juggling alongside you, so this must be the right way to do things, mustn’t it?

The evolution of business is openly suggesting that it’s time to dare yourself to approach business from the perspective of ‘new thought.’ The kind of new thought that helps you open your mind, offering possibilities that might not previously have been considered, and asks questions like ‘what are the capabilities and resources I have, that I am not even aware of?’

Doing this increases your adaptability in a changing marketplace, gives you the leverage to move when you need to, adapting to circumstances as you go, instead of freezing with indecision. Where being the best means being better than you were before, not beating the competition. Where the vision held encompasses the knowledge that the ‘often traveled road,’ is just one way in a world of infinite possibilities.

Often we can fall into the trap of taking on the norm of business practices. Practices that persuade us that the ‘must haves and must do’ steps, tips and keys, are the only way, leading to ‘must need that’ to bring in success. Not so! That way, is a thought trap.

Your business might require a step out of the normal viewpoint to create a new avenue of profit, or add value to a service and you don’t do it, because – well, it’s never been done, and how will I know it will work, and is anyone else doing it? Questions that can put the killer kiss on the very idea that would make a difference.

The wisdom of the new technologies, thought systems and strategies presently arising, tackle the daily business challenges you face, from a different perspective. This new thought recognises that one of the difficulties being in business, can be sitting alone in your office, or room in the house, isolated from input and interaction with others. This isolation can negate the creative, the new and the fresh.

Quantum Business Breaks says, let’s take a breath. Let’s stop the isolation. Let’s pause from this cycle of ‘I wish I had more time.’ It takes stock of the endless up down, up down cycle, and who’s juggling the most and the best, syndromes.

QBB offers a road with a better view actively seeking the fresh perspective, where openness and honest communication leading to a transparent business. Where everyone is on a level playing field, every idea is counted and the new welcomed, seeing the added value it brings.

QBB says - let’s meet together, share ideas and information on these new practices, to inspire, stimulate and bring in the results we want, whilst creating a road to a saner and better business experience and practice.

Next Quantum Business Break – January 27th 2016, Neale Horizons, Victoria House, Victoria Street, Taunton.

Ref: Donald Winkler, Chairman and CEO, Ford Motor Credit Co. Dearborn, Michigan



Released On 15th Dec 2015

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