Quantum Business Breaks – New Thinking for Business for 2016

Quantum Business Breaks – New Thinking for Business for 2016

As we approach January 2016, a small but important reminder - please submit your tax return well in advance of 31 January 2016. Any questions or struggles in this area, do get in touch so we can make it a smoother experience for you.

2016 is auto-enrolment year for the majority of small business employers. Are you ready? We are offering an evening presentation for clients on Wednesday 6 January 2016, for those who would like to find out how this will affect their business, and what they need to do. Call Liz on 01823 478432  for further advice and clarification.

So what is the new thought in business for 2016? During my business life, I have been fortunate to participate in many forms of networking aimed at developing businesses. I have enjoyed many of these meetings and acknowledge the invaluable part they play in an evolving business but I have always felt there was another dimension; a meeting of minds that adds more than just learning about each other’s products and services.  

As a business owner, employer and employee, one aspect in particular that has intrigued me is why do we struggle to, or seldom apply new thinking to our business or personal lives? I hear quite often, “there is not enough time”, “we are short staffed”, “I need to work in the business”. The list goes on. Best practice recommends that we work “on” our business as opposed to “in” our business for at least half a day a week, if not more. This causes pressure on resources.

What if instead, I suggested to you that you are not using all the resources at your disposal for no extra cost? My challenge to you would be to ask yourself – do you really have an open mind to learn more? Are you open to experiment, do you really want to try new approaches?

To help you do this, Neale Horizons has set up Quantum Business Breaks (QBB). In the coming months, QBB intends to explore and shine a light on the new thought approaches that are arising in business, to challenge you and benefit your business. You will have insights into yourself and your business to enable you to fulfil your potential and beyond. This is business as unusual. Join us on 27 January 2016 and start the New Year with a new approach.

Released On 15th Dec 2015

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